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Partners play a very important role in allowing the HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trust to achieve its charitable mission.  We thank them for all they have done to date and look forward to lasting relationships as the objectives of the Trust are accomplished.

Omni Foundation

The Wallet supporting the HOPE Gold Coin is the Omni Wallet by Omni Foundation. Designed to be quick, easy and convenient to use with nominally little cost there is no software to download or install, no block chain to synchronize and verify. View More »


Comstock Mining Inc.

The HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trust sought a  partner to provide real world asset backing that would allow the Trust to stabilize the HOPE Gold Coin. A genuinely innovative mining company, Comstock Mining Inc is welcomed as the source of gold backing for the HOPE Gold Coin.  View More »


The M. Parker Group

The M. Parker Group, the parent company to the Parker family of businesses and projects, focuses on bulk agricultural commodity transactions, commercial real estate supplies, and business consulting.

Strategy and Design Solutions, LLC

A boutique consulting practice focused on business strategy, technology systems, and strategic research. SDS has provided program management, technical architectural strategy, and hands-on development support.