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CrisisIn 2008, a global economic crisis occurred.

One of the most impactful results of this crisis was a decrease in trust towards banks and financial institutions. Since then, there has been an increasing demand for a more transparent and efficient financial process.



In areas where there is no access to traditional financial and banking systems, these new cryptocurrencies have become available to help get funding directly to the areas that need it in a quicker, more secure and transparent way. As a cryptocurrency the HOPE Gold Coin is able to be transferred at minimal cost, to almost any part of the world at any time.

We recognize these traditional financial constraints and the challenges confronting charities today. It is our commitment and core vision to bring the HOPE Gold Coin to the charitable community where we can address humanitarian needs by providing H.O.P.E. Health, Opportunity, Provision and Education.


BTCAnother result of this crisis was the advent of what is now known as cryptocurrency.

This revolutionary new alternative financial system offers a new form of worldwide commerce. It is built on a decentralized platform, not controlled by any organization or government. It addresses public concerns that were caused by the volatility of government issued currencies and their inherent cost and risk.

This currency is called Bitcoin.










In 2014, the HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trust was created. Our purpose is to be used as a means to help the global charitable community ensure that their donations are more easily accessible between donor and charity, as well as being used more effectively and more transparently by the charities themselves. In 2015 the HOPE Gold Coin was created as a means to accomplish this goal.







With over 150 years of combined experience, the HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trust team recognizes the economic, social and technological challenges that charities face in providing the greatest results both for their efforts and the money that they raise. We have discovered that a large portion of donations received are wasted on the cost of transporting and transacting funds. For example, did you know that because of instability in certain regions of the world moving money to and from a charity, and areas of need can be a highly risky proposition? War, famine, disease, weather, disaster, and criminal activity sometimes costs a high price and reduce a charity’s ability to assist. Very often, the risks far outweigh the benefits. When access to secure banking systems hinders the ability to bring resources to the places where they are most needed, those places do not receive their assistance.


New Revised HCX 200x200

Every year we see disasters that strike in different areas of the world. Many charities work to respond to the needs of those who are affected by these disasters. Unfortunately, many of these charities face obstacles that hinder their efforts to maximize the use of the donations they receive. Often the location of the charity in proximity to the disaster creates financial and logistical hurdles. Other obstacles include lack of access to the area, not having support on the ground, or no stable traditional banking available. Recognizing these logistical problems, we believe the best solution available is to use the HOPE Gold Coin as a means to get the funding to the charities that are best suited to deal with the disaster; wherever it may be. In  late 2014 we set out to develop a system that would harness the collective efforts of charities throughout the world. Our commitment is to have a greater impact by providing help to those in need. Over the following  year we partnered with several of the leading cryptographic developers to bring together a new digital financial system designed to benefit charities. The first of its kind, asset-backed by 1/10th of one gram of physical gold.

We introduce to you the HOPE Gold Coin.