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If you wish to receive HGC’s when you donate you must have set up an Omni Wallet with a BTC Address. If you have not set up your BTC Wallet you can Click Here to set up your FREE account.

For Donors

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Upon making your donation we would like to offer you as our thanks for your support 2 HOPE Gold Coin “HGC’s” for every $10.00 USD you donate. You may select the option to donate both of the HGC’s to any Global Impact Partner “GIP” listed during your check out or  you have the option to keep both HGC’s.


For Our Charity Partners (must be logged in to donate)


If you wish to acquire HGC’s  to be used in support of your charity work you can receive HGC’s upon making a donation to the HGGCT. We currently offer our charity partners the ability to receive 1 HGC for every $5.00 donated.

(Each HGC will ultimately be backed by 1/10 of a gram of physical gold valued at approximately $5.00 based on gold at $1500 per oz.)

The HGCCT wants to give our charity partners the ability to use HGC’s as a means of financial aid and support to provide economic solutions in areas where limited financial institutions and commerce are lacking. By giving our partners the ability to use the power of the HGC they can be more effective in getting resources to areas where they re needed most. 


Bitcoin Transaction Fee

In order to send HGC’s from one account to another there is a small transaction fee required. If you choose receive HGC’s you will need to have a small amount of a Bitcoin in your wallet to use to pay the transaction fee required. This is like using a postage stamp. To make it easy for you to start sending HGC’s we would like to give you the opportunity to receive a small amount of a Bitcoin to provide you with the ability to send HGC’s right a way. When making your donation you may select the option to receive .01 percent of a Bitcoin for your donation of $10.00.

(.01 percent of a Bitcoin will pay for more than 25 transaction.)

You can send any amount of HGC’s  for less than 25 cents to anyone anywhere in the world in just a few minutes.