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The New Year 2016 brings about exciting opportunity for the HOPE Global Initiative.

We are working closely with one of our charity partners, Living Water Ministry, to develop a new form of economic infrastructure for the redevelopment of NW Haiti. By using the HOPE Gold Coin as a means of trade and commerce, we hope to see the NW Region of Haiti grow into a self sustaining enterprise zone. By meeting each communities needs for today with a plan to develop economic zones to provide a future for tomorrow, the HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trusts will play a major role in equipping the people in the NW Region of Haiti with the ability to provide for their own needs. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for each community to become self sustaining, offering them a better and more hopeful future than ever before. 


Living Water Project Site located in NW Region of Haiti is only 40 Miles from the port of St Mark and 90 Miles from Port-au-Prince by water. Living Water Ministry is poised to be the center of distribution and trade for the communities of NW Haiti. This will allow an opportunity for the communities in the region to become self sufficient by producing products for sale at a fair and equitable price. Living Water Ministry will be a training and resource center to educate each community to develop and produce goods for sale based on their location and available natural resources. The production of chickens, bamboo, goats, honey, coconuts, fruits, vegetables, aquaponics, bio fuel, salt production , charcoal,  and reforestation are just a sample of some of the products that can be produced.


Living Water Regional Impact Zone   Living Water Ministry Site


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Fishing and a New Inland Import Export Harbor

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