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Hope Gold Coin Global Impact Partners

All the charities listed below have submitted applications based on their desired support level from the HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trust “Trust”. All the following charities have been reviewed by the Trust Committee to ensure that they are recognized non for profit organizations that meet at least one of the HOPE Vision Goals.

HOPE Vision Goals are shown in one of the following categories; Health, Opportunity, Provision and Education. These charities have provided information as to how they are meeting the humanitarian needs related to these four categories of HOPE. The charities mission to respond to these categories are noted by one or more letters in H.O.P.E. beside their name under the “Category” column.

These charities have been affirmed as Global Impact Partners and categorized and approved based on the information they have provided. Under the “Status” column the charities are list by one of the two following letters; (R) Recognized Charity (Q) Qualified Charity 


1. Registered Charities are listed with a (R) under the Status Column and have applied to be listed as a Global Impact Partner desiring support from donors and willing to receive HOPE Gold Coins “HGC’s” as contributions for their charitable causes, to meet the HOPE Vision Goals.

2. Qualified Charities are listed with a (Q) under the Status Column and have applied to be listed as a Global Impact Partner desiring direct financial support from the Trust as well as willing to receive HGC’s as donations for their charitable causes. These charities have provided financial information demonstrating their ability to use funds effectively to meet at least one of the HOPE Vision Goals.



Status: (R) Registered / (Q) Qualified

Category:  (H) Health / (O) Opportunity / (P) Provision / (E) Education

Status Category Charity Name Mission Statement
 (R)  (E)

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.34.17 AMSeminary Advantage

Seminary Advantage (SA) was developed to train up and equip believers to become effective disciples. Through this 1yr comprehensive program, SA provides accessible, affordable, and practical theological education to the average believer in their local church. SA will help develop those individual to become effective leaders able to teach other. By empowering believers to fulfill God’s call in their lives we train the ordinary to do the extraordinary work of ministry.

Know What You Believe , Why You Believe It, and Be Able to Defend It.

(Q)  (H/O/P/E)

 Living Waters Ministry

To reach out to meet the needs of the people in Haiti, to mentor them, and to help them mature in their knowledge and understanding. To address their physical needs such as food, clean water, clothing, housing, and private enterprise. To accomplish these goals by providing churches, formal education, medical attention, and infrastructure that will bring a self-sufficient life style.

Living Water Ministries is providing lunch to over 4,200 children each day in 29 schools located throughout the remote villages of Northwest Haiti.

(Q)  (H/O/P/E)

logo 170 88Connection Outreach Ministry

Our vision is to develop the HOPE Charity Network

Connection Outreach is a visionary charitable organization that partners with existing charities and organizations providing new state of the art technologies along with resources to help them be more effective in achieving their charity purpose.