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The HOPE Global Initiative is a vision to unite a network of Global Charities empowering them through the use of the HOPE Gold Coin “HGC” as primary source of financial support. Empowering them with the benefits offered by this new financial technology.  

Everyone that participates in the use, exchange and acceptance of HGC’s will help build the Hope Global Initiative Network. Together we can impact the world by building a charitable network of individuals, businesses and charities all working together to improve the lives of those who are in need.
Be a part of the HOPE Global Initiative and together we will bring HOPE to the World.

HGCCT List of Charities

This is a list of charities that have applied to be a part of the HOPE Global Initiative. Charities are divided into three categories.

  1. Registered Charity 
  2. Qualified Charity 
  3. Global Impact Partner
To find out more about these charities click on the following link. View More »